Basic Knowledge of SEO

This article highlights some basic knowledge about SEO, like what it is really, and what search engines are looking for in a website. It also states what not to do when doing SEO.

Following the fundamental SEO techniques is essential if you want your website to gain traffic. Basic SEO will ensure that your website will be properly placed in a search engine to help people find you and your business. SEO businesses in Brisbane and Gold Coast are well-aware of this fact.


What are search engines like Google and Yahoo searching for? How can your website please your visitors, customers, and the search engine bots? But the ultimate question is, how can SEO aid you in making your web presence turn into profit?

Ignoring the fundamentals of SEO and devoting all your efforts on aesthetic and social, fancy things is not the best way to propel your website to the top ranks.

What is SEO?

The aim of following the basics of SEO is not to cheat the search engines. Internet marketing is best done using white hat tactics. By creating an easy user experience to visitors, the search engines can recognize this and they can endorse your site for relevant searches.

Think of your website like a layered cake. The icing is composed of your paid searches, social media techniques, and links. However, the body of the cake is made up of your information architecture, content management system, infrastructure, and content. Without these, your cake fails to become a cake, but mere icing, and is only for show.

What are search engines looking for?

It is the job of search engine bots to do the best they can to refer users to sites that have the most relevant content to what they are searching for. Let’s look at some definitions.

  • Content is composed of the text on the site, the theme, the descriptions, and the titles given.
  • Authority is determined by how good your site is in providing content, or how good your site is in being used as a reference for the information available.
  • User experience is determined by how good your site looks and how easy it is to navigate around. It’s also determined by how safe it is, and if it has a low bounce rate.

What are search engines NOT searching for?

Search engine bots only have a limited amount of data storage. This means that if you’re doing shady techniques to boost up your ranking, there’s a big chance you’re going to damage your site in the future. Things that search engines hate are:

  • Stuffing of keywords – Filling your site with keywords does no good to search engine spiders.
  • Purchased links – Doing this will get you nowhere when it comes to reliable internet marketing.
  • Bad user experience – make it a priority to make it easy for a person to use your site. Too many advertisements will make it hard for users to search for the content they need. Doing this will increase the bounce rate of your site. Determining your bounce rate will help you in how to solve some issues in your site. For example, if you have content, but your bounce rate is 80% or higher, there’s a big chance that you’re doing something wrong.

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