You Have A Choice – Graphic Design

Computers play a vital role in graphic designing, know what’s on top and end up big in the graphic design industry. It’s your choice.

From the moment DTP or Desktop Publishing went out in the public in the eighties, graphic designers have been crazy about using computer technology for their works. This became the birth of graphic design as we know it today. The designers already have their skills but with the help of this awesome technology, it doubled their quality of work and made the industry even more fun. The best Logo design has never been this easier and though internet marketing wasn’t in that time, it was already causing a stir leading to what it is today.


Desktop Publishing

In the 80’s, this has been a common term which is being used for digital publishing systems. These systems were made to replace or improve the large, bulky, pre-press, specialist design and composting systems. Graphic designers usually depend mostly on their computers regardless if it’s a PC or an MAC. Whatever he chooses, of course he would go for the best purchase to get the right graphic design done. That’s you’ll rarely see designers picking cheap computers.

Back in the 80’s

Decades ago, MACs were the only choice when it comes to logo design as well as printing. Almost all design layouts as well as graphic software has been developed specially for Macintosh computers although in reality they can also be used in windows PC. Apple, the creator of Mac was always connected to different technologies and PC wasn’t as practical as it is today. The modern PC and Mac have its own strengths and weaknesses but nevertheless, both are extremely useful when it comes to graphic design let alone in terms of internet marketing.

Graphic artists not IT specialists

Most graphic artists aren’t IT graduates and it’s hard for them to make decisions with regards to the kind of computer that they should use. It’s even hard for some of them. Money of course isn’t that much of a big deal since they are ready to buy the most expensive ones. Not all however could afford such which is why they would only settle for second hand equipment. But regardless, what really matters to these artists are issues that aren’t found on regular computers. For example, we have colour accuracy, monitor type, processing speed and external storage.

Studies made

For this reason, recent studies made showed the top computers that are ideal for graphic design or logo design. They are mix of Macs as well as PCs and they are also in forms of a laptop as well as desktop computers. All in all, it’s not about the brand, it’s about the preference of the buyer itself just like a regular consumer. You should pick one that you’re comfortable using may it be a laptop or a desktop type of computer.

So, here are the top computers that made it to the list.

  1. Mac Pro Desktop –Most widely preferred by graphic designers. The latest model has a quad-core Intel Xeon. It’s 1.9 faster than previous models and it has an increased latency by 40 percent which means it can access stored memory faster. As a result, it saves time for the graphic artist.


  1. MacBook Pro – It comes in different sizes, 13, 15 and 17 inches. It contains highly trusted NVDIA graphics which makes photo editing and logo design more sleek.


  1. Dell Studio XPS Desktop – It features iCore5 and iCore 7 from Intel processors. It’s perfect for highly demanding graphics such as 3D editing. You can upgrade its RAM to 16 GB. It’s fast and smooth and you’ll get your designs done faster.


  1. Toshiba Qosmio – The good thing about this is that it’s very affordable. It’s also powered by iCore5 or i5 which denotes a faster performance. It’s also packed with NVDIA GeForce graphics card. You’ll be able to access a full, crispy image in pixels and frames that you’re editing.


  1. HP Pavilion Elite – It’s also an affordable and high performance computer. Its processor is powered either by AMD Athlon or iCore processors. It’s mostly run by Windows and its latest updates. When it comes to graphics, it’s equally smooth and fun to work with.

You have a choice, now pick one.


Tough Wall To Break, Internet Marketing And SERP

When we talk about internet marketing, the ultimate question will always be about effectiveness. You have to have a very strong internet marketing strategy and you don’t stay on solutions that aren’t effective. One of the most popular terms in the world of online marketing would be search engine result page or better known as SERP. A lot of experts have realised that one important factor in the world of marketing online is through monitoring of SERP.

The basics of searching

If a person looks for something in the internet, he doesn’t look for specific websites; he would usually enter phrases in search engines like Google. After entering the words, the results related to his query would appear. Internet marketers would easily understand that if you want to get tons of web traffic on your site, you need to appear on the top results of the search page. This can only be done through proper SEO or search engine optimisation here in Brisbane.

The importance of being on the first page

It’s necessary to be on top of the first page of any search engine results. The reason is that most people would open the top three results knowing that these results are the most credible and quite near to the phrases that they searched. An informative and well created website can make a huge difference when it comes to traffic and later on conversion. Just imagine being on top of the page and you’re selling products, it would be an easy sale.


Easier said than done

Although the concept of internet marketing and SEO seems easy here in Brisbane, it’s not. There are a lot of factors that would affect the search engine results. Certain changes might occur anytime and if a website isn’t being cared well, chances are, it will fall as fast as it has gone up. Then, there’s also competition. You’re not the only one who’s thinking the same. There are companies that target the same phrases as well and they might have stronger SEO strategies. So, don’t think that you can top such.

It all starts from scratch

What you need is a strong foundation. Before you jump into the water and attempt to reach the top of search engine results page, you have to look at your base first. And we are talking about your website. It’s the most basic thing you can do. Make your website SEO friendly. Web designBrisbane is a basic step. Your website should be designed in such a way that it would look good to whoever would look at it.

It should also be informative enough so that your site visitors wouldn’t become confused in case they want your services. Most of all, it should also be mobile friendly since most of the traffic for websites are now coming through mobile devices.

Internet marketing is a strong word. There are a lot of avenues that you can take to master this field. You may even need some help from experts on these things.

Know Your Place, What You Should Know On Internet Marketing

The World Wide Web or the internet as we know it today has become more than just a source of information. Now, it has become one large, global market. Now, even the major companies are clamouring to expand their services and reach out to larger consumer targets. Now, to take the biggest advantages on this platform, you need to know the different internet marketing solutions as well as opportunities.


To make sure that most of the consumers will buy your product, you have to think about the best products that would fit in your niche. It should also capture the needs of your customers. Therefore, there’s a need to identify the people and know your target audience. It would include their location, financial abilities. These are actually marketing principles being applied to the modern internet marketing strategies here in Gold Coast.

There are a lot of internet marketing solutions that are being offered by different companies online. You may have a lot of choices but you have to know what internet marketing strategy is right for you especially in meeting the needs of your clients. Internet marketing Gold Coast strategies are different from other places and you have to be familiar about it.

As we have said, to cater all these differences, you need to be familiar with the different internet marketing strategies. But it shouldn’t end in just familiarisation. You have to master every concept that’s being placed on every online marketing solution. You have to know the dos and don’ts, ups and downs and the pros and cons of every solution. Once you know your target audience, it’s not already hard to think about the strategies that you should apply.

For example, if your target customers are professionals or working in the office, the best way to get their attention is through email marketing. Now, if your target is the younger generation, you can manipulate social media for such. There’s always an avenue for internet marketing solutions if you know where you’re going. You have to know the direction of your business.

Next, apart from knowing the best strategies, you will have to focus on quality. Internet marketing in Gold Coast has the same principles with other countries or places. Every customer wants quality services and products. It should also be the same with your marketing schemes online. It should be fully packed with quality.

Google and other search engines that take part in the evolving world of internet marketing gear towards higher quality of services. That’s the reason why they keep on updating and they always try to remove those that don’t give quality contents and services. Make sure you do the same as well. Internet marketing should also focus on quality and not mediocre contents. You’ll just be wasting your effort. Google will always find ways to remove unnecessary and low quality works. On one of their updates, the Panda, even the most respected sites like Ezine articles had  to back down a little bit.

Internet marketing is a huge world to conquer. Although it’s a new born market, its growth rate is exponential as new companies sprout every single day. If you want to become successful, you’ve to know your place.