Web Design Facts That Web Designers Have Not Been Telling You

You might have stumbled on a few stunning and wonderfully done websites. The truth is it isn’t about the outward appearance that makes it look so good. It’s the web design process that’s running on its backyard. Of course, only a few folks out there really know the activities behind the amazing web presentation. There are a lot of factors that affect what you see on your screen. It varies between web browsers, their loading time, the type and age of the codes used etc. To make things clearer, we have unveiled some of the secrets of amazing web designs.

Different browsers, different rendering.  If you’re looking at a certain website on let’s say Mozilla Firefox, your friend might be seeing a different thing on his iPhone’s Safari browser. He might have a different experience and feel of the same website that you’re looking at. The secret is that every web browser interprets and renders the codes of a certain website differently. There are browsers that will load the codes according to its original order while others can’t actually read the codes that are being used. That is why it would appear to be slowing down. This is also the reason why you need help from web design experts here in Brisbane. They are very much familiar with how things are running and know exactly how to treat each browser to make your website look steadily great regardless of the platform that’s being used.

Web design tells the user what to focus on. The internet has greatly changed since the time of its conception and for years it has improved our way of reading contents. Web design is the key that will make the users leave or stay depending on how readable and clear the site is. According to report made by Nielson Norman Group, successful websites are those that have clear lay outs. If your website is hard to skim through, chances are, the users might leave immediately.

A website that’s a couple of years old is actually OLD. Technology runs fast these days and web designers are really running as fast as they could to keep up with the changes. The constant change makes a daily struggle for these guys as they are required to adjust to these updates. They have to be constantly aware of the top news, regulations, changes and search engine updates to maintain the look of the website. In short, it’s totally hard work on their part. A website that’s 2 years old is actually old. That’s how fast our technology is running these days.

There’s a downside on using templates. Modern web design as we have mentioned is changing so fast these days that most designers and company or business owners look on premade, pre-coded templates. All they need are few tweaks and they can already call it their own. They seem to think it’s the easy way out. The problem is that there are those who rely on these templates too much that their credibility is being affected. The truth about this is that templates actually restrict the things that you can do. That’s why you can’t just put in any code that you want as it will surely affect the final output.

In a nutshell, there are many things that affect as to why the websites that you see looks amazing. It’s the hard work of the people behind that makes it look stunning.


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